Op. Dr. Gürhan Erkan

Op. Dr. Gürhan Erkan

Ear – Nose - Throat


• İstanbul Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi


• Özel Konak Hastanesi Sakarya

• Özel Altınova Hastanesi

• Yenikent Devlet Hastanesi

• Özel Medar Hastanesi Sakarya



• Endoscopic ENT examination

• Rhinoplasty operations

• Audiology (hearing) tests

• Medical treatment of ENT diseases

• ENT surgery (FESS tonsilectomy, all kinds of ear surgeries and other operations)

• Head and neck surgery

• Voice diseases surgery

• Nasal septal deviation surgeries

• Snoring surgeries

• Sinusitis surgery

• All kinds of inflammatory diseases of the salivary glands and benign and malignant tumors


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